Douglas Glover and How to Write a Novel

by eatonhamilton

I’m reading “Attack of the Copula Spiders” by Douglas Glover. i remember him trying to drill the matters in his first piece, “How to Write a Novel,” through my thick brain back in Saratoga Springs in the early 90s. It was the best advice I had ever gotten on making a novel. It still is, and I’m glad to see it again in other than my own scrambled notes.
Note that numéro cinq ( has thorough coverage of Doug’s book and his novelistic advice.  In addition to acquiring the book, you can watch Doug as he leads a class through the verbal version of “How to Write a Novel.”

(There’s an article on reading Mark Anthony Jarman in the book too. MAJ and I were always vying for the same lit awards back in the day.)