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"I cannot and will not cut my conscience to fit this year’s fashions.” – Lillian Hellman

Da Papa

“In 1923, realizing that “you could omit anything … and the omitted part would strengthen the story,” Ernest Hemingway conceived of his “iceberg theory.”  He would replay the facts, leaving it to readers to deduce the submerged symbolism and untold back stories themselves.  While his contemporaries, still finding their way out of the thickets of Victorianism, overwrote and overexplained, Hemingway cut through.  Delivered in tight bursts, his deceptively simple narratives hinted at offstage conflicts, concealed wounds and unspoken desires.  Later, another great storyteller, Miles Davis, similarly suggested that “it’s not the notes you play; it’s the notes you don’t play.”

Mark Braude, Power of Small, the Globe and Mail, July 16, 2012

Luby’s Cafeteria, Killeen, Texas

Although I wrote this years ago in response to another senseless (but female-targeted) shooting, I thought it was appropriate to post this week.  I know it was published somewhere, but can’t recall where off hand.  My heart goes out to all the people in CO who this week lost their lives or who were injured, and to their families and community.


luby’s cafeteria, killeen, tx

he hated women it was simple an explanation it was evidence he was a loner you know the sort of guy we all know the sort of guy that’s why we don’t walk the night streets


nobody stopped to say oh maybe I’ll be gunned down if I eat there thanks anyhow I’ll take a bagged lunch to work thanks again cafeterias mid-day give me the willies


fluke you say nuts crazy wacko women are basically safe he just lost it he wanted to make a statement (on the bodies of women) I am covered in graffiti footprints of fear and blood and what it’s like to live hunted


it’s true we’ve gone places into boardrooms into factories into nurseries with your children into engineering departments into cafeterias but


one woman with red hair was raising a blueberry muffin to her lips and another was sipping coffee with extra sugar she didn’t like milk


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