Valerie Wallace and her Attys win!

by eatonhamilton

I am just going to do a little bragging on Valerie Wallace.  I was one of the preliminary judges for Wattpad’s Attys poetry award, and the poet I chose from my group of contestants went on to win the first prize, as awarded by Margaret Atwood.  I am very gratified to have been able to read her work, and proud of her for managing form poetry with aplomb; Margaret Atwood was very impressed.  I’m with Atwood when she says she wouldn’t have been able to handle ten form poems as well as Valerie and the other contestants did.  It takes a talent.

(I am remiss at blogging about this because I only checked tonight to see who had won.  Valerie did write to me after she won, but her email was so circumspect that I missed her news!)