Western Front

by eatonhamilton

Just finished two days at “There are reasons for looking and feeling and thinking about things that are invisible: a two day event on New Narratives in art writing” at Western Front featuring Eileen Myles, Jacob Wren, Lynne Tillman and Maria Fusco. This was on many levels a satisfying and intriguing mini-conference, exactly what I needed to organize inchoate thoughts around the intersection of art/art writing/literature, and past that, to begin to shape my lecture about the process of creation. If there was a cohering theme, it might have been unity–of purpose, of mind, of perception.  How to look attentively at a mouse, power, a breakup, a relationship, a therapist, a life ebbing, artworks.  Their tricks of alchemy were, it seemed to me, divisable by accretion and allusion. 

I could have wanted visual artists to join these four–but that is not a comment on what they were able to extend to us, but rather simple gluttony. The presentations were taped, so they will be available (I don’t know details). Below: Wren, Myles.  Apologies for no second photograph of Tillman and Fusco, but I was not seated advantageously.  Thanks to Alex Leslie for letting me know about this event.