A Reluctance to Cede Ground: Age and the Writing Life, from Critical Flame

by eatonhamilton



a sketch by Jane Eaton Hamilton 2013


A Story Larger than My Own

I wonder (without having read this book) if my perspective on this is different.  With increasing age, I feel more free than ever to create.  I’ve already dealt with the certainty of my mortality, I don’t have children at home, my disability anchors me to a desk, and of course 4 years ago I was turfed out of my marital home and lost everything (house, home, garden, pets, best friend, lover, marriage, income, friends, health, my predictable future).  So what I have left, what I’ve struggled to put together since that horrible betrayal, is precious to me.  But even were it not precious, it would still be full of arm-chair zest.