Governor General’s awards, Ottawa

by eatonhamilton

The Governor General Awards, 2014

Folks, it’s wild, it’s weird, it’s true.  Call them the GGGs (the Gay GGs).  Call it “Queering the GGs.”  Whatever you call it, Canada’s queers cleaned up at the GG’s in 2014, with most of the winners queer.  It was incredibly moving to be present the year this happened, and to hear both Candis Graham and Jim Deva’s names mentioned on stage moved me and made me prouder than I can say.  Kids, we queers rock!  Congratulations to all the winners.  I couldn’t have been more thrilled for you.

IMG_9258-1The Tent Room


Me, with Governor General David Johnstone




apparently, the above is one of the only paintings of the young Queen Victoria