A poem by Mac Ramsay

by eatonhamilton


prickly pear, photo: Jane Eaton Hamilton 2013, Sedona

Life is a lot of fun sometimes, and one of them is when your poems get taught in high schools and then used to make something new (a la Amber Dawn’s glossas).  The italics are mine.  (I hasten to add that I did not participate in this project, so all of this belongs to Mac.)  Hasn’t he done a great job?

Ringworm (with Jane Eaton Hamilton)


I’m sick with the sea

Salty, sunkissed soliloquy

With white caps

Bold and in all caps


Her adoring eyes

Brooding for the skin she never gave


To understand charm

We learn potential like a language

Oh how a lover is a fist

Bruising only to instill belief that you are still tender


Sweet pea where are you?

Between a cup of coffee and freshly potted daffodils

You etched my name on your palms and were not sorry

Reminiscing with the smell of blood orange


You put an apple on my cheek

And told me not to drop it


By Mac Ramsay