Exile Quarterly longlist

by eatonhamilton


sketch: Jane Eaton Hamilton (after Matisse) 2013

I am gratified to have made the Carter V Cooper $15K short fiction competition long list at Exile Quarterly.  Such good company I’m in, with colleagues Leon Rooke and Linda Rogers and so many accomplished others.

In no particular order:

Jane Eaton Hamilton “The Night SS Sloan Undid His Shirt”

Nicholas Ruddock “Mario Vargas Llosa”

Josip Novakovich  “Dunavski Pirat”

Leon Rooke  “Sara Mago et al”

Hugh Graham  “After Me”

Linda Rogers “Raging Breath and Furious Mothers”

Darlene Madott “Pick Up the Sticks”

Priscila Uppal “Bed Rail Entrapment Risk Notification Guide”

Bruce Meyer “Tilting”

Christine Miscione “Spring”

Lisa Foad “How To Feel Good”

Veronica Gaylie “Tom, Dick, and Harry”

Tonya Patricia Liburd “Through Dream She Moves”

Samantha Bernstein “Fall, 1980”

Mary Lou Dickinson “Oh, the Stars!”

Maggie Dwyer “Chihuahua”

Bart Campbell “Slim And The Hangman”

Christopher Adamson “A Night In Bui Vien”

Erin Soros “Fallen”

Leah Jane Esau “Dream Home”

Lisa Pike “Stellas”

Bianca Lacoseljac “To Live Out A Dream”