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the problem with being trans is cis people. The problem with being queer is straight people. The problem with being disabled is abled people. The problem with being Black is white people. In other words, prejudice.


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Je suis en solidarité avec tous les français après les attaque horrifiantes à Paris. Et tous le monde, Syria et Beirut. Nos coeurs vont à tous les malades et leur familles.



Poets and the internet

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I came out this weekend (during a mini talk at VPL) as a writer who uses the internet while writing–maybe 9/10s internet to 1/10 writing. Write a sentence, hang out on FB. I like FB–except when I don’t–and I longed for this behemoth time-waster to work for me. I’m far too old to stand for the castigation of the thousand mini-blocks we go through as writers every day ( I could be a better writer. So and so is a better writer; she writes 5000 words a day, while I barely touch a page. I don’t deserve to even be a writer. I wish I was a better writer. If I just sit here and write, I’ll be better. If I stay off social media. If I get that app that keeps you off social media. If I just follow Natalie Goldberg’s ideas, I’ll be better. If I just work through some writing prompts, the juices will start to flow. Okay, a paragraph. That’s the idea I was going for, but it wasn’t what I wanted to convey. How much fluff is in that sentence anyhow? Why would anybody read this? I shouldn’t have gone for that latte wth Mark. I don’t know what to write next, I really don’t. I’m stumped. Why did my character just jump off that bridge? Oh yeah, because I’m her author. I’d jump, too), so I made social media a part of getting good results. I write the sentence or paragraph then ruminate about it while surfing, and this small jaunt serves me just as it also serves me to leave a few months between ms. drafts. I get a mini-contemplative break, enough to break open a stanza or sentence.

Here’s a HuffPost piece by Maddie Crum who also use social media to their advantage, though for them it’s about publicity:

Less than 3’ing the internet

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