The very very very last call for Celebration of Canadian poetry project at Brick Books!

by eatonhamilton

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This is the very last call for articles for our Celebration of Canadian poetry project. If you have been wanting to write something but thought you had missed the deadline, you still have time…
The Celebration of Canadian poetry now has 271 articles posted and has continued into 2016. The articles are written by poets, publishers, novelists, musicians, politicians, readers – a real variety of articles and very interesting reading. Have a look…

If you would like to write something about a Canadian poet that you admire – a sentence, a paragraph, a page… whatever is feasible for you – please contact Kitty Lewis at to ask for more details.

I am hoping to stretch this project through the month of June – but only if I receive enough articles.

There is no restriction on who you can write about – it doesn’t have to be a Brick Books author; you can write about someone who has already been presented; living or dead; known or unknown… You can write about a particular poem that you admire. This is a wide-open celebration of Canadian poetry.

If you can send me something by May 15th, that would be wonderful. Send it to Kitty Lewis at


The number of visits to our website has increased 50% compared to our visits in 2014. So I know that people are reading the articles each week.