Cobourg: ashamed of queers?

by eatonhamilton

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 9.47.13 AM

Cobourg, Ontario, city council won’t fly the Pride flag. They might not say it’s because they’re ashamed of us, but actions speak loudly, and that’s what we hear. We hear it’s okay because Cobourg police fly the rainbow flag but the police aren’t the seat of city government.

Today, here is your job: call, write, insist. It’s Pride Toronto this weekend and we need Cobourg on board.

Cobourg, 102 of us just got shot in one violent incident. Cobourg residents got bashed in Toronto. Trans people in Canada and the US are stalked, hurt and murdered on the regular. If ever we need your heartfelt assistance in helping us stay visible and safe, we need it today, Cobourg city. Don’t let hate and bigotry win.