Here are a couple more reader reviews of WEEKEND

by eatonhamilton

funny, thought-provoking read

I am finding it difficult to fully express how profoundly I was affected by this novel. A powerful, sexy, haunting, funny, thought-provoking read. Beautifully written. I am unable to get these people, their lives, the lake they spent the weekend at….any of it…out of my mind. A novel that both took me to another place, but also brought new insight to my own life.

By Jane on Aug. 26 2016 on
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I feel like I know these people.
I loved the characters in this book. They drew me into the story so thoroughly, and they felt so real. When I was finished with the book, I wanted to go find them and friend them on Facebook so I could keep up with their stories.
July 21 2016
By Janice Erlbaum Published on
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