The truckerf*ckers

by eatonhamilton

It’s been that kind of week in Canada, including locally, where truckers wanting to get rid of vaccine mandates have protested them from coast to coast, raising over $10 million on Go Fund Me before Go Fund Me threw them out. I do not support them. They fight for nothing except their right to harm other people. They’re xenophobic, ableist, homophobic, transphobic, and racist as fuck. They carry Confederate flags. They wave upside-down Cdn flags on their trucks plastered with swastikas. They’ve desecrated Ottawa monuments including the bronze statue of Terry Fox, who ran across the country to raise money for cancer research.

I’ve always maintained Canada is a racist sewer, but this last while, the sewer rats have been crawling through the grills and getting right in our faces. Thank goodness for counter-protestors.

Go home, truckerf*ckers. We despise you and everything you stand for.