Happy Christmas to those who celebrate it

by eatonhamilton

And best wishes for your other holiday celebrations. The light is coming back!

painting: Eaton Hamilton, 2022, oil on stretched canvas, 10×10″

ID: Portrait of yt woman with blonde hair wearing a white dress. Blue background.

A peculiar week being entirely housebound from snow and not having access to anything but a little patch I shoveled for the dog. (I am not medically permitted to shovel, but have no help. It’s an exercise in patience to wait it out.)

It seems most of N America has been seeing inordinately stormy weather, and I hope you’re okay where you live. It’s certainly challenging! I worry so for the well-being of the unhoused, some of whom, I know, won’t find their ways to shelters.

I’m clunking along with writing and painting both this week. Tell you more when I’m not called in other directions!


I hope you have a wonderful week ahead.