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the problem with being trans is cis people. The problem with being queer is straight people. The problem with being disabled is abled people. The problem with being Black is white people. In other words, prejudice.

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The Arrival of Horses–a Christmas story, of sorts

This morning, the NY Times published an article on the west’s ongoing trouble with wild horses, the yearly culls, and the diminishing numbers of private adoptions of culled horses as the price of hay rises.   I am deeply sorry to hear that this issue is still with us.

I wrote this story a long time ago, but it transpires in this milieu, in the American west, with guns, to a family trapped on both sides of the issue, at Christmas time.

The article about the issue appears here first, and then my story appears here afterwards.  Please let me know if you’ve read it by leaving a comment here.

Wild Horses


Too Young Boys

Here is a recording done by Julie Wilson from Book Madam of me reading my short fiction piece, “Too Young Boys” from my collection “July Nights and Other Stories.” Recorded in Toronto, 2011.

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