Book me for your festival, your panel, your reading series, your workshop. My areas of expertise are:

•readings from my books/Q+As; anything about writing except screen or playwriting

•being queer/genderqueer and queer rights acquisitions in Canada (I was a litigant in Canada’s same-sex marriage case)

•queer domestic violence including battering and sexual assault

•sexual violence (I am a passionate feminist and supporter of revamping Canada’s outdated sexual violence laws)

•Coronary Artery Disease personal experience, with first MI at 31 years of age

•disability activism

•trans rights


eatonhamilton1000 at (please note former email addresses are obsolete)

I go by “Hamilton” as I am non-binary. If you need an honourific, please use “Mx.” I try to respond promptly to contact, but if I don’t, please remind me. I don’t mind at all, and things do get missed.


Please keep up-to-date with art at hamiltonart1000 on IG. Would love to have you onboard at Patreon, a site that helps me keep afloat as an artist and where you get first looks at artworks.