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Smiley, CBC, short fiction, 2014

Selected Texts Online:

Spontaneous Combustion, The Rumpus, 2018

Skinning the Rabbit, The Sun, 2017

Weekend Jane Eaton Hamilton SAMPLE


Am I Too Embarrassed to Save My Life, NY Times, 2017

Infarct, I Did, Rumpus, essay, 2016

Social Discourse, 1944, Missouri Review, print 2003, online 2015

Cripples, story, Manifest Station, 2015

Things That Didn’t Happen, essay, Manifest Station, 2014

Smiley, short fiction, CBC Canada Writes, 2014;

Smiley, En Route, short fiction, April 2014

Bird Nights, short fiction, Numero Cinq, 2012

What Kept Me Together After the Divorce, essay, Salon, 2011

RPO, poems

Canadian Poetry Online, poems

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Here is a reading of “Smiley,” which won the 2014 CBC contest (fiction):

Smiley by Jane Eaton Hamilton

“The Lost Boy” was the first prize winner in the CBC Literary Awards in 2003.  It’s about the uneasy relationship between a child and her mom during the internment.  (I am now working on a novel based on this story, also called “The Lost Boy”):

The Lost Boy by Jane Eaton Hamilton

“The Arrival of Horses,” a short fiction that first appeared in Seventeen Magazine, and later reprinted in my collection “July Nights,” concerns a family caught up in the on-going battle between ranchers and the BLM over wild horses.

The Arrival of Horses by Jane Eaton Hamilton


“Love Canal” is about the toxic waste in the town of the same name in NY State in the 70s.  Currently, Canada is importing and incinerating toxic waste from the site. From “Body Rain,” Brick Books:

Love Canal by Jane Eaton Hamilton

“Woman with a Mango” is a poem from the perspective of Etta Cone, an art collector from Boston I believe fell in love with Gertrude Stein and was ousted by Alice’s arrival.  From “Love Will Burst into a Thousand Shapes,” Caitlin Press, which can be purchased at or any independent bookstore:

Woman With A Mango by Jane Eaton Hamilton


My memoir, variously titled “Mondays are Yellow, Sundays are Grey” or “No More Hurt” (ebury/Random, UK) appeared on the Guardian’s Best Books of the Year list and was a Sunday Times bestseller.  It’s available as an ebook here:

No More Hurt excerpt by Jane Eaton Hamilton writing as Ellen Prescott