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"I cannot and will not cut my conscience to fit this year’s fashions.” – Lillian Hellman

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Ginko biloba

JEHGinkoGinko biloba: pastel on paper, 20×30 by Jane Eaton Hamilton

New painting

JEH_TornadoI made this today.  It is pastel on paper, 20×30.

The art sale continues until Dec 31.

PDF City

JEHAfter Shiele by Jane Eaton Hamilton November 2014

Hey, folks.  I just updated my “Pdfs of my work” page, so there’s a few more pieces to whet your appetites.  Let me know what you think if you read something!

Art–working with black paper/white paint

Always available for purchase…

JEHblackpaper12 JEHblackpaper2 JEHblackpaper3 JEHblackpaper4 JEHblackpaper5 JEHblackpaper6 JEHblackpaper7 JEHblackpaper8 JEHblackpaper9 JEHblack1JEHblackpaper10

My mantel this morning

24×36 acrylic by yours truly: The Garden Party


Listening to Leadfoot

Just for a change, I thought I’d post my most recent visual art.  I just love it.  I saw a woman with a very long neck across the room at a Leadfoot concert in east Van on the weekend, and I couldn’t think for wanting to draw her.  So here is my rendition of her (which is of course nothing like she really looked.

.Screen shot 2013-07-02 at 4.42.41 PM

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