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the problem with being trans is cis people. The problem with being queer is straight people. The problem with being disabled is abled people. The problem with being Black is white people. In other words, prejudice.

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The Dayne Ogilve Prize 2017

I’m pleased to say that our three finalists for the 2017 Dayne Ogilvie Prize, a $4000 award to an emerging LGBTQ author admininstered by the Writer’s Trust, were announced this week. I was pleased and honoured to have spent the last three months engrossed in our longlist reads with Elio Iannacci and Trish Salah. We have such a prolific and talented community, and you all to a one make me so proud. It was a great honour to read you. The ceremony announcing the winner will take place in concert with the Writer’s Union of Canada AGM and is open to the public, 5 pm Sat June 3 at SFU Harbourfront, with last year’s winner Leah Horlick presenting the award.


First Novelists Get Better With Age

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Age-seasoned writers are up for this year’s First Novel Award. Judith McCormack is 62 and a current year finalist, which means she’ll take home $4000, or $40,000 if she wins. Karim Alrawi, also a finalist, is 58. Elizabeth Phillips is 54. It is not a young crowd, but it is a celebrated one. The award-winner will be announced May 26.

Globe and Mail

Bristol Prize shortlist introductions

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Introduction to the 20 writers in this year’s Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology.

Bristol Prize

It’s All About the Age, No Treble

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Back in April, Robin Black wrote “What’s So Great About Young Writers?” for the New York Times, citing awards that go not to emerging writers but to emerging young writers as both a feminist issue and an issue related to privilege. It’s a US-based article but we are just as obsessed with youth in Canadian letters.

What’s So Great About Young Writers?

Lit POP awards, Montreal!

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I wasn’t well enough to attend, but my kid is there in my stead. Thanks, Meghann, LitPOP, George Saunders and Matrix Magazine, for choosing my piece “Battery” as your 2015 fiction winner! And congrats again to Michael Prior, poetry winner.

“It’s fast, funny, precise in its language. The author is really using  language as a tool of persuasion. The story also has real heart – the  narrator manages to make us sympathize for both chickens and  executioners. The details of the operation are chilling and terrific.  The story is beautifully shaped and minimal – the writer seems to  recognize that the essence of making a work of art is choosing. The  story makes us face a certain harsh truth, but without any sense of  preaching, and even a sense of wonder. Above all, the story is musical –  it zings along, making a world as it goes, with its confidence and its  sense of curiosity.” –George Saunders

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