Eaton Hamilton

the problem with being trans is cis people. The problem with being queer is straight people. The problem with being disabled is abled people. The problem with being Black is white people. In other words, prejudice.

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Freefalling into art


I was chuffed that Freefall literary journal out of Calgary, and editor Micheline Maylor, Calgary’s poet laureate, chose a sketch of mine for their cover! Thanks! I love it!

Art–working with black paper/white paint

Always available for purchase…

JEHblackpaper12 JEHblackpaper2 JEHblackpaper3 JEHblackpaper4 JEHblackpaper5 JEHblackpaper6 JEHblackpaper7 JEHblackpaper8 JEHblackpaper9 JEHblack1JEHblackpaper10

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