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the problem with being trans is cis people. The problem with being queer is straight people. The problem with being disabled is abled people. The problem with being Black is white people. In other words, prejudice.

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This interview seems like a very long time ago

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It seems like a very long time ago that I flew to Montreal for Blue Metropolis and spoke to Anne Malcolm. A lot of things have changed since that day, and I would have been frightened of some had I known about them in advance. To know that I wouldn’t have been well enough to work in my postage stamp garden all spring would have alarmed me. To know that I would abjure my rights in court would have terrified me (it still does terrify me). The prospect of more cardiac surgery (so many in the last 5 years) would have made me dizzy with aversion. But other things I would have celebrated–the simplicity and cheer of flowers and sunshine, new or deepening friendships, the end of lawyers, the arrival of “Love Will Burst into a Thousand Shapes,” winning Lit Pop 2015, my upcoming novel “Weekend” (spring 2016). But most especially, the arrival of my wee granddaughter and the celebration of my renewed relationship with my eldest. Yes, where there was no person, now there is a person. Hurrah!

Interview with Anne Malcom at Blue Metropolis 2014

CBC Literary Awards

I was lucky to be flown to Montreal for the CBC Literary Awards/Blue Metropolis Lit Fest, a co-celebration with French winner Sarah Desrosiers.  Besides the award ceremony, I got to spend much of the weekend with my old friends Michael Hendricks and Rene LeBoeuf, with whom I was a co-litigant in Canada’s same-sex marriage case.  Also, I got to hear Shelagh Rogers interview one of my favourite novelists, Heather O’Neill, re: her (said to be glorious) new novel “The Girl Who Was Saturday Night.”  I spent a terrific night carousing with an old friend who happened to be in town with her mom, the redoubtable author Marguerite Andersen, and I met (and really hit it off with) the talented 2007 CBC winner Shelagh Plunkett, whose writing I hope soon to catch up on, and Lisa Moore (<3).  Christopher deRaddo launched his new novel “The Geography of Pluto.”  Luminato swirled past:  Richard Ford, Dany Laferriére etc.  Then a high school chum and I drove up through Charlevoix for a few days.

Thank you Shelagh Rogers and Aylin Malcolm for putting up with my nerves.

Here is an interview link for an interview conducted by Aylin Malcolm:


A reading link:


And here is a photograph of the big screen which had the winning stories spooling over it:


Montreal on Saturday

Just a reminder that I’ll be reading at Blue Metropolis in Montreal on Saturday May 3, 2014.  Also, there’s an award ceremony for my and Sarah Desrosiers’ CBC short fiction wins (English/French) afterwards; please RSVP to the CBC.

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Apparently, I’m prolific

Kind of a kick to be something to look forward to at Blue Metropolis.

Blue Metropolis

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