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the problem with being trans is cis people. The problem with being queer is straight people. The problem with being disabled is abled people. The problem with being Black is white people. In other words, prejudice.

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Writing the body body body


sketch: Jane Eaton Hamilton 2016

Michele Filgate talks to Anna March, Ruth Ozeki, Eileen Myles, Porochista Khakpour, and Alexandra Kleeman about writing the body. I so wanted to attend this panel, so I’m glad to be able to read it and share it now. Writing the body fantastic, folks. From LitHub.

Writing the Body: Trauma, Illness, Sexuality, and Beyond

Marilyn Hacker in conversation with Ashwaq Basnawi

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 11.40.41 PM

This year I re-read poet/editor/translator/reviewer Marilyn Hacker’s passionate sonnet sequence Love, Death and the Changing of the Seasons. I meant to have ordered her new collected, A Stranger’s Mirror: New and Selected Poems 1994-2014, but at the last moment I veered, preferring to replace what was a cherished text.

Now you can read Ashwaq Basnawi’s interview with Marilyn, here.

Méira Cook asks me questions about “allergy”


sketch Jane Eaton Hamilton 2006

I once wrote a long poem, “allergy,” about serial murderer Ted Bundy from his (imagined) mother’s perspective.  It was included in my first book of poetry from Brick Books called “Body Rain” in 1991.   The excellent poet Méira Cook, whose new book out from Brick Books this spring, 2015, is the intriguingly-titled “Monologue Dogs,” and I had a conversation about “allergy” last year:

Méira Cook/Jane Eaton Hamilton and allergy

Here is my conversation with Méira about her poem “Adam Father:”

Jane Eaton Hamilton/Méira Cook and Adam Father

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