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Craftwork: Douglas Glover

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The Centre for Fiction hosts a great series called Craftwork (episodes can be found on You Tube). Some of the presenting authors are Jennifer Egan, Myla Goldberg, Alan Cheuse, Christine Schutt, and Peter Straub.

Doug Glover, author of “Savage Love” and “Elle,” among other books, and editor of Numéro Cinq, and a man I greatly admire, talks brilliantly about the structure of novels here:

Craftwork with Douglas Glover

The Consecution of Gordon Lish


early sketch: Jane Eaton Hamilton

Here’s what I think, FB. You need no other short fiction or novel counsel other than that delivered in the collected wisdom of Douglas Glover and (sorry, Tess) the did-he-go-too-far Gordon Lish. As ably presented here by Jason Lucarelli.  Do I think Lish went too far, in particular with Carver’s work?  Yes, without question, as is easily apparent by comparing, as Tess Gallagher asks us, “A Small Good Thing” in its two forms.  But does that obviate the benefit of the work he did? Certainly it does not.

The Consecution of Gordon Lish

Here’s a new interview (Dec 2015)  from the Guardian by Christian Lorentzen with Lish:

Gordon Lish: ‘Had I not revised Carver, would he be paid the attention given him? Baloney!’

Novel Revisions

Okay, chickies–
I’ve read Stephen Koch’s chapter on revision in “The Modern Library Writer’s Workshop” along with my perennial favourite, Douglas Glover’s “How to Write a Novel.”
So it should be easy, shouldn’t it?  But it’s a tangled, overwhelming mess of a bird’s nest that I’m trying to fix, and everyone needs to just hunker down with me and hope I have the panache and enough health to get through it to the other side (some day).  One wing flap after the other.
Meantime, I did write what I can tell is a successful poem, called Honour.  And managed to scratch some pastel onto a sheet.

Bird Nights

What a pleasure it is, on my birthday, to appear on Douglas Glover’s online magazine Numéro Cinq.  I have such a fondness for this piece, in which I love the writing, and in which I first brought to fiction my adoration of all things avian.
Doug and I met years and years ago in Saratoga Springs–I had, I think, published maybe three books then.  His writing advice was the best I had ever received, and I will plug again his new book, “Attack of the Copula Spiders.”  If you do one thing for yourself as a writer during this hot summer of bbqs and sunbathing, make it reading Doug’s book.  September will be so much easier…

Douglas Glover and How to Write a Novel

I’m reading “Attack of the Copula Spiders” by Douglas Glover. i remember him trying to drill the matters in his first piece, “How to Write a Novel,” through my thick brain back in Saratoga Springs in the early 90s. It was the best advice I had ever gotten on making a novel. It still is, and I’m glad to see it again in other than my own scrambled notes.
Note that numéro cinq ( has thorough coverage of Doug’s book and his novelistic advice.  In addition to acquiring the book, you can watch Doug as he leads a class through the verbal version of “How to Write a Novel.”

(There’s an article on reading Mark Anthony Jarman in the book too. MAJ and I were always vying for the same lit awards back in the day.)

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