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In Plain Sight: The Vanishing of Ellen Bass

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Ellen F Brown interviews poet Ellen Bass in this cogent interview from The Rumpus–it’s wonderful to catch up with her. Many of us spent our young adulthoods with the work of Ellen Bass, both by reading her lucid, conversational poems and via her books on child sexual abuse, I Never Told Anyone: Writings by Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse and The Courage to Heal.

Count me among the thousands helped by Ellen Bass’s work. Count me among the thousands touched by her poems in (older) and also her more recent collections Mules of Love, The Human Line, and Like a Beggar. Like me, Ellen Bass stopped writing poetry for a time and has reinvented herself as an older, seasoned writer who found the new writing world a quite changed place. I wish her continued success.

Read the interview here.


Enough by Ellen Bass


sketch: Jane Eaton Hamilton 2014

“No. It will never be enough.[…]

How could we be replete

with the flesh of ripe tomatoes, the unique

scent of their crushed leaves.”

From Ellen Bass’s poem “Enough” from the Academy of American Poets.


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