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the problem with being trans is cis people. The problem with being queer is straight people. The problem with being disabled is abled people. The problem with being Black is white people. In other words, prejudice.

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Fair play: can literary festivals pay their way?

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Here’s an issue near and dear to my heart. With nearly everyone around the publishing industry earning at least a piddling wage, from the guy transporting the books to your shop to the guy looking after your plumbing to the editor, guess who still isn’t?

The writer.

Writers toil on a hope that ten percent of the proceeds from sales of their books will pay their mortgage, feed their babies, and keep them in licorice. With books sometimes coming out as infrequently as once a decade, with a best seller in Canada selling only 5000 copies, you can do the math yourself.

It’s appalling that publishing systems are in place to look after everyone all along the chain except for the actual lynchpin of the entire operation.

Now here comes Alex Clark talking about the money for writers at literary festivals. “Pullman’s standpoint was unequivocal: “A festival pays the people who supply the marquees, it pays the printers who print the brochure, it pays the rent for the lecture halls and other places, it pays the people who run the administration and the publicity, it pays for the electricity it uses, it pays for the drinks and dinners it lays on: why is it that the authors, the very people at the centre of the whole thing, the only reason customers come along and buy their tickets in the first place, are the only ones who are expected to work for nothing?”

Fair Play

How Not To Talk About African Fiction

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This astute article from the Guardian about discrepancies about how we talk about white, male N American lit and how we discuss black, women’s African lit.

African Fiction

Guardian’s Top Ten Feminist Books

Well worth a look.  I would like to hole away for a couple of weeks to read, or re-read all of these:

Top Ten Feminist Books

Mansplaining by Rebecca Solnit

Ever since her book ‘Men Explain Things To Me’ came out, the mansplaining has gone into high gear.  Here she is in an interview with the Guardian:

Rebecca Solnit

Congrats to Eimear McBride!



Women Sidelined in Film Writing

Women writers are heartened by the presence of VIDA (VIDA, Women in the Literary Arts) in the US and in Canada, CWILA (Canadian Women in the Literary Arts), and hope these organizations will be able to draw attention to and correct long-standing problems with gender equality in the literary world.   Here are some thoughts from the Guardian’s Catherine Shoard about women and film.

Women Sidelined

All the lost word-babies

Mark Forsyth comes up with a list of lost words.

Old New Words!

Man Booker longlist


Guy de Maupassant’s short fiction by Chris Power

Guy de Maupassant’s short stories

Ali Smith–Style? Content?

Ali Smith on style.

The Consecution of Gordon Lish


early sketch: Jane Eaton Hamilton

Here’s what I think, FB. You need no other short fiction or novel counsel other than that delivered in the collected wisdom of Douglas Glover and (sorry, Tess) the did-he-go-too-far Gordon Lish. As ably presented here by Jason Lucarelli.  Do I think Lish went too far, in particular with Carver’s work?  Yes, without question, as is easily apparent by comparing, as Tess Gallagher asks us, “A Small Good Thing” in its two forms.  But does that obviate the benefit of the work he did? Certainly it does not.

The Consecution of Gordon Lish

Here’s a new interview (Dec 2015)  from the Guardian by Christian Lorentzen with Lish:

Gordon Lish: ‘Had I not revised Carver, would he be paid the attention given him? Baloney!’

Vote for your horse here–it’s not the Booker

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