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Has anyone considered the astonishing idea of blaming the abuse on the abuser?

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Henceforth, I declare your backlash

Henceforth, I declare, and so it shall be: #UBCA #CanLit #USCongress #SupremeToad

Everytime a UBCA signatory or a CanLit gatekeeper pulls a piece of crap, or a GOP senator goes off, or the Congress or Supreme Toad issue nonsense, or damage, another womxn gets their brain-snakes (like angel wings but custom-made for banshee feminists).

The Female Hat-Wearing Dog

Oh yeah. Raquel D’Apice over at the Ugly Volvo.

The Female Hat-Wearing Dog


Field Guide to Dumb Birds

Just in time for spring comes the Field Guide to Dumb Birds. I am bird besotted, but who hasn’t thought “golden crowned dumb shit” to themselves once in a while? I went on the famous Central Park birding walk once, and somehow didn’t fall over a boulder while trying to spy a flash of red in a tree at 800 metres.

Laugh and the whole world laughs with you. I swear it’s true.

Field Guide to Dumb Birds

“Why I Write” by Meldon Sandrow




We all pretend we don’t know why.

But maybe we do. And maybe this is it?

Why I Write



Amazon’s new warning labels on books

 Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 1.38.52 AM

From John Dopp. Go visit his site and check which other ones he’s got up his sleeve.

Being Jane Hamilton

I have had, by now, a long whack at this writing game with some successes and many disappointments–so many of the latter that I stepped away for 8 years (which of course is only a wise move if you never plan to step back in, as I am falteringly doing).  Towards the end of round 1, I wrote this humour piece about my stuttering career.  I love writing humour and this piece reminds me that I don’t do enough of it.  For some reason, when I write it it’s almost always in the 2nd person, a viewpoint I, unlike others, really adore.  I’ve pulled it from Author’s Den, but it first won a prize at Grain.

Being Jane Hamilton

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