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the problem with being trans is cis people. The problem with being queer is straight people. The problem with being disabled is abled people. The problem with being Black is white people. In other words, prejudice.

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Marissa Korbel: “The Thread: Down Girl”


Marissa Korbel wrote her essay “Down Girl” to address a bad review by Alexandra Fuller of three female-authored memoirs received in the New York Times: Pam Houston’s ‘Deep Creek;’ Reema Zaman’s ‘I Am Yours, A Shared Memoir;’ and Sophia Shalmiyev’s ‘Mother Winter, A Memoir,’ and, more broadly, to discuss pandering and misogyny in literature.

“[The reviewer] basically called their books therapy,” one of my dinnermates summarizes. By which she means: the writers were doing something for themselves more than for the readers, writing to save themselves rather than to demonstrate that experience on the page as literature, as art, worthy of praise, writing that could be construed as private, emotional work, journaling of some sort, embarrassingly displayed for the world, a tumble of private details which do not—in the reviewer’s opinion—rise to literature

“Three women’s memoirs criticized for oversharing? I’m sure I’ve read this review before, and yet all three books are brand new. I’ve read two out of three of them, and I’ll take home Houston’s Deep Creek tonight. I take out my phone and search “NYT review Zaman.” Because Reema Zaman, a Portland-based writer, performer, and friend, is one of the reviewed.”

The Thread: Down Girl

It’s All About the Age, No Treble

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Back in April, Robin Black wrote “What’s So Great About Young Writers?” for the New York Times, citing awards that go not to emerging writers but to emerging young writers as both a feminist issue and an issue related to privilege. It’s a US-based article but we are just as obsessed with youth in Canadian letters.

What’s So Great About Young Writers?

‘Boy, Snow, Bird,’ by Helen Oyeyemi

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I have great fun rummaging through literary news. Treat yourself to Porchista Khakpour’s book review of Oyeyemi’s new novel “White Lies,” why don’t you, then follow up with a five-novel immersion?

‘White Lies’

Naming Characters in Novels After Friends

Friends and Novels

Hilary Mantel

A good paragraph here about writing memoir.


Hilary Mantel interviewed

My Poets

This seemingly lovely book was chosen as one of the year’s 100 notable at the Times.  Hurrah!

A Farewell to Arms

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