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New Painting

Happy to unveil a new painting, so far unnamed, from a series I’ve started of dancers, acylic on canvas:

Lydia Davis in acrylic

JEH Lydia Davis 2016sketch, Lydia Davis: Jane Eaton Hamilton 2016

JEH Aug 2016sketch: Jane Eaton Hamilton 2016

I didn’t bring painting supplies with me on my summer trip, but I have acrylic delivered via squeeze bottle, my fingers and cheap but acid-free paper from the hardware store. So I doodle in bed sometimes at night when I’m half paying attention to an author on You Tube or a movie on Netflix. (Last night the cat walked right through Lydia Davis in black acrylic and onto my white duvet cover.)

Here are some paintings for your frame, Santa baby.

Send an email to janeeatonhamilton at shaw dot ca to inquire about pricing.  All works: acrylic on paper, various sizes.


JEHblackdress1  JEHnude1JEHnude2 JEHwhitepaper1

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