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Has anyone considered the astonishing idea of blaming the abuse on the abuser?


I know this isn’t lit, but every TV show is written, right?


2019 was a damned exciting year for queer womxn’s TV. Check out what Autostraddle has to say about the best shows.

“This year’s list of top TV shows with LGBTQ women characters have played with form and format, from Fleabag‘s fourth-wall smashing to the drop-dead-dynamic visual style of Euphoria and Dickinson to Russian Doll’s binge-catered loops. Room has been made for stories that aren’t focused on straight cis white people and rooms have been given to the writers best equipped to write them, like on A Black Lady Sketch Show, Vida, Pose and One Day at a Time. We have a record number of shows (17) on this list in which a protagonist or other lead character is queer or trans. Ten of these programs are centered squarely on one or two lesbian or bisexual female leads — a situation that was virtually unheard of five years ago. I’m not talking ensemble shows here where there’s a queer person in a lead ensemble. I’m talking the whole fucking world revolving around her. Her face on every poster. Her name at the top of the credits on imdb. Her Emmy nomination, if she’d ever get one. In some of these, queer love and sex are centered, too and in some of them queer love and sex are centered and the protagonists are actually masculine-of-center: Gentleman Jack and Work-in-Progress. We have two shows with all LGBTQ-ensembles; Pose and The L Word: Generation Q. We are getting somewhere.” -Riese, Autostraddle

Best of Queer TV 2019

Do Women Writers Have Clout?

Over at the New Republic, Andrew Piper and Richard Jean So have published a look not at the numbers of women being reviewed but at the quality of the reviews themselves. What they conclude is shocking.

Women Write About Family, Men Write About War

A Reluctance to Cede Ground: Age and the Writing Life, from Critical Flame



a sketch by Jane Eaton Hamilton 2013


A Story Larger than My Own

I wonder (without having read this book) if my perspective on this is different.  With increasing age, I feel more free than ever to create.  I’ve already dealt with the certainty of my mortality, I don’t have children at home, my disability anchors me to a desk, and of course 4 years ago I was turfed out of my marital home and lost everything (house, home, garden, pets, best friend, lover, marriage, income, friends, health, my predictable future).  So what I have left, what I’ve struggled to put together since that horrible betrayal, is precious to me.  But even were it not precious, it would still be full of arm-chair zest.




Women Sidelined in Film Writing

Women writers are heartened by the presence of VIDA (VIDA, Women in the Literary Arts) in the US and in Canada, CWILA (Canadian Women in the Literary Arts), and hope these organizations will be able to draw attention to and correct long-standing problems with gender equality in the literary world.   Here are some thoughts from the Guardian’s Catherine Shoard about women and film.

Women Sidelined

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