by eatonhamilton

I have the pleasure of introducing you to The Consolation Prize by Mark Doten (Enthusing About Writing and Bitching About Publishing), a blog out of the beautiful Soho Press.  Today he is featuring an interview with Emily Gould, editorial director at 29th Street Publishing and co-owner of Emily Books, an online bookclub/bookstore.  I noticed them because they brought back one of my favourite writers, Rebecca Brown, whose work I kiss paragraph by paragraph (and we’ve read together, though for the life of me I can’t remember where).  Doten calls this the “best curated” bookclub around.  It’s very clear I could choose all my reading material just from their list and be completely content.  Emily Gould has a first novel, following a book of essays, due out from FSG in July.   All the necessary links are here in Mark’s article:

The Consolation Prize